"We help you to excel in music!"


"We help you to excel in music!"

Welcome to Matt Burk Music Studio! We're Matt and Jessica Burk, and we’re glad you’re here! 

We’ve had a passion for music and studied and played since we were kids! We were both exposed to different musical experiences and teaching styles. As adults, we've reflected and identified the key elements of our instruction that fueled our passion for music and inspired us to keep studying to become excellent musicians and confident performers. Our teaching philosophy is simple: 

- We listen to our student’s desires and challenges
- We identify our student’s unique learning style
- We tailor a customized plan for our student’s desires and goals in music
- We create fun learning environments where students excel
- We produce dynamic performance opportunities to showcase our student’s talents and styles

In 2006 we launched Matt Burk Music Studios specializing in private lessons for piano, drums, bass, guitar, voice and songwriting. Since then we have watched our students thrive and grow in their love of music and excel to become confident performers.  

Interests in playing music are always varied. It could be that you desire to become a professional, or to play in a band or perhaps experience the joy of learning to play an instrument. Whatever your desire, our teachers are qualified to help you excel and become confident in your genre of choice: classical, acoustic, pop, blues, country, worship music jazz, rock and heavy metal .  

Have fun learning and studying piano, drums, bass, guitar, voice or songwriting. We will customize your lesson plan to meet your desires, challenges, unique goals and learning style. 

Enjoy inspiring performance opportunities which year on year, our students look forward to and excel in. 

Meet our excellent, highly qualified instructors. We have three studios for private lessons one in Allen, TX, one in Frisco, TX, and one in Plano, TX. Please make an an appointment and come visit us!

We believe everyone can excel in music and share their gift with the world!


Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

+ What ages to you teach?

We teach all ages! For very young children it will depend on the instrument, as well as on the student's (individual temperament, attention span, etc.). For piano, we start lessons around age five. For drums, guitar, bass and voice, we typically start lessons around age seven. If you have a child who is interested in music lessons, and you are not quite sure if they are ready, please make an appointment to chat (there is no charge for this) with an instructor.

+ DO YOU HAVE CONTRACTS or long term commitments for lessons?

We don't require contracts or long-term commitments of our students. We have a month-to-month commitment. If a student decides to discontinue lessons, we require two weeks notice. This notice should be emailed to the studio ( Our students continue studying music with us because they are enjoying themselves – not because they are tied into a long-term commitment.

+ how long will it take for me to learn my instrument?

This is a great question, and it depends largely on you – specifically on how much time you are able to commit to practicing . Practice is an essential part of progress, and consistency is key. This is something that an instructor will be happy to discuss with you (as it relates to your specific musical background, goals and desires).

+ Do I need my own instrument or do you have instruments available for rent?

All students need to have their own instrument but the instrument does not have to be expensive. Many of our piano students do not have an acoustic piano – rather a digital keyboard. Guitar students who are just beginning can buy a very affordable guitar to get started, and drum students only need a practice pad (less than $30) for the first several weeks of lessons. If you are considering lessons with us and would like to schedule an appointment to chat further (there is no charge for this), our instructors will be happy to give you guidance and suggestions for purchasing an instrument to get started.

+ How do I pay the tuition?

Tuition is paid by automatic credit card or bank draft processing. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, and we process payments through ACH bank drafts from checking and savings accounts. We take the security of our students' financial information very seriously and take sprecial precautions to protect this information. If a student is uncomfortable with automatic payment, we do accept payment by check if a minimum of three months' tuition is paid in advance.

+ Do you teach year-round?

Yes! We encourage students to take lessons year-round, in order to keep their momentum, and to stay in the habit of playing and practicing regularly. Statistics show that if a student "takes a break" from their musical studies, regardless of their intentions, they will likely never return. Additionally, we find that many students are actually able to increase their practice time in the summer! Some students even begin taking lessons in a secondary instrument during the summer (for example, if he or she normally takes voice lessons, and has an interest in playing guitar, he or she may begin guitar lessons during the summer in additional to voice lessons).

+ Can I sit in and observe my child's lessons?

Of course! All parents are welcome to sit in and observe their child's lessons, if they prefer. Parents are not required to do so, but each teaching room has plenty of space if you would like to! Parents are also welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting area, and to take advantage of free Wi-Fi, a cup of gourmet coffee, or to relax watching a family-friendly movie on our flat-screen television.

+ How long will it take me to learn to play my instrument?

This is always a great question, and it depends largely on the student – specifically on how much time the student is able to commit to practicing regularly. Practice is an essential part of progress, and consistency is key. This is something that an instructor would be happy to discuss with you (as it relates to your specific musical background, goals, etc.) in an interview.

+ How are lessons approached?

At Matt Burk Music Studio, we strive to create a positive environment for all students – one where all students feel comfortable and encouraged! Our approach is to provide a solid musical foundation in a tailored manner - one that is customized to each student's musical experience, goals, and interests. We strive to incorporate songs into the lessons as quickly as possible, in order to keep the student engaged in lessons, and we encourage an open line of communication between students (and/or parents) and our instructors, in order to be sure that we are most effectively achieving each student's goals.

+ What instruments do you teach?

We teach private piano, voice, guitar (acoustic and electric), bass, and drum lessons.

+ How much does it cost to get started with lessons?

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $50 and tuition is $145 per month for half-hour lessons, or $270 per month for full-hour lessons. Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials (books, sheet music, etc.). The cost of these materials is usually minimal. Which materials each student needs will vary depending on the instrument, the student's skill level (whether a beginner or more advanced) when entering lessons, as well as the student's musical goals and interests. Our instructors will advise new students of what materials are needed, as well as some places to purchase these locally; students can always shop online for these as well (e.g.,,, etc.). Students are responsible for their own instruments, as well.

+ Is tuition adjusted or credited when a lesson is missed?

No. Tuition is a flat fee each month – this reserves a regular, weekly lesson time for each student. If we receive at least 24 hours notice that a student will miss a lesson, we will do our best to make up the lesson. However, we cannot guarantee a make-up lesson will be available that will fit each student's schedule. We have a generous make-up policy - we allow 90 days from the date of the originally-scheduled lesson to schedule the make-up lesson. Tuition is never adjusted for missed lessons.


Yes! We actually have a very generous make-up policy. With at least 24 hours notice of an absence, we do allow make-up lessons for students. Make-up lessons must be scheduled within 90 days of the date of the originally-scheduled lesson. We are unable to guarantee that a make-up lesson that will accommodate a particular student's schedule will be available, but we do our best, and we have been very successful scheduling make-up lessons. While many music studios/instructors either do not allow make-up lessons, limit make-up lessons, or charge an additional fee for make-up lessons, we take a different approach. We understand that our students keep very busy schedules, and we do our best to be as accommodating as possible, while still maintaining fairness to our other students and to our instructors. We do not charge extra for make-up lessons, nor do we limit the number of lessons a student is allowed to make up. As long as we receive at least 24 hours notice of an absence, we are happy to try to reschedule that lesson!


No. Students do not pay for the 4 weeks per year that each instructor receives off, which are not allowed to be rescheduled. There are 52 weeks in a calendar year, and we always schedule 48 lessons each calendar year (each instructor chooses 2 weeks off in addition to the studio closure Thanksgiving week and Christmas week). Therefore, our tuition is based on an average of 4 lessons per month (48 lessons divided by 12 months) at $36.25 per half-hour lesson or $67.50 per full-hour lesson. Most months, students will have 4 lessons; however, some months students may have 5 lessons, and other months students may have only 3 lessons. But there will always be 48 lessons scheduled each calendar year. The remaining 4 lessons are not paid for, and therefore are not rescheduled.


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