We are so excited for the upcoming summer at MBMS! 
We have so many exciting and fun programs and performance opportunities to help our students grow as musicians and have fun!

Below you can read more about our summer programs and register!

Summer MBMS Band Programs!

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This summer we will have 2 exciting band programs from which to choose!

We will have a 6 week Band Program and a 1 week Band Program.

The MBMS Band Program is an excellent opportunity for students to significantly grow as musicians while having a really fun time as they jam out with other students. We love helping our students connect with other students while learning new skills as musicians through the band dynamic.

Students of the MBMS Band Program work together to pick songs they want to learn. Our instructors, who lead the bands, work with students on overall band dynamics including timing, rhythm, improvisation and more!

Below are the details of both Summer Band programs! 

Six week Summer MBMS Band Program:

  • Start Date - June 23rd
  • End Date - July 28th
  • Rehearsals will be held every Saturday during this timeframe for a total of 6 band practices
  • Rehearsals will be 11 am - 1:30 pm at the Allen studio
  • Final Band performance will be August 3rd at 8 pm at Texas Jam Rehearsal Studios in Plano
  • Recording session will be at Soundomatic Studios in Allen on August 4th beginning around 10 am
  • Snacks and drinks will be provided for the band practices, final performance and recording session!

One Week MBMS Summer Band Camp:

Our one week Band Program Camp is a little different than our 6 week program in that it will include instruction on songwriting as well as learning popular songs! 

Topics such as song structure, lyric writing, hook and melody composition, rhyming strategies and more will be covered. Students of this Band program will apply this knowledge and work together to write, record, and perform an original song! 

Below are some more essential details for this program:

  • July 16th - 21st at the Allen studio
  • Rehearsals are 10 am - 1 pm Monday through Saturday
  • Students will collaborate in writing an original song and will be able to perform it at Texas Jam Rehearsal Studios and record it at Soundomatic Studios!
  • Final performance date - August 3rd at 8 pm
  • Recording date - August 4th beginning at 10 am 
  • Students will also collectively choose a couple of popular songs they want to learn as a band in addition to the original song they will be working on
  • Snacks and drinks will be provided for the band rehearsals, final performance and recording session!

You can register for one of our exciting Band Programs below!

Summer Jam Session!

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We are excited to announce that we will be having a Jam Session on July 21st!

Jam Sessions are another fun, excellent ensemble performance opportunity for our students! Students' participation in these performances serves to instill confidence, musical growth, and motivation to improve as a musician. 

We had our Spring Jam Session on April 14th and it was really such a fun and exciting evening for everyone! The students did an amazing job!

If you haven't had an opportunity to take part in one of our Jam Sessions, I would highly encourage you to sign up for our Summer Jam Session. 

You can register below!

800 by 500 Masterclass Pic.png

We will  be offering a vocal Masterclass this summer on July 14th!

We are so excited to have Elizabeth Landers conduct a Masterclass for us! Elizabeth is a former voice instructor for MBMS and has a wealth of knowledge in vocal technique and performance. 

Elizabeth is an active performer with nearly 150 shows scheduled in 2108!

This Masterclass will be geared towards vocalist, and will focus on stage presence and presentation. Do you want to take your vocal performances to the next level - then this class is for you!

Elizabeth will be covering many topics that will help you create dynamic performances!

A few of the many topics she will cover are:

- Finding performance inspiration

- Reading the crowd

- Acting and movement on stage

- How to conquer stage fright

- Tips on how to captivate your audience 

- and much more!

You can register below!