As we've discussed time and again on our blog, the benefits of enrolling your children in music lessons are numerous and long-lasting. So as a parent, how can you know which instrument accommodates your child's age and abilities? 

In most cases, the key to learning any musical instrument lies in extensive practice. But, striving to find an instrument that reflects your child's natural interests and abilities is just as important. Choosing the most suitable instrument will make the learning process significantly more enjoyable.

Before you rush out and buy your toddler a guitar, take a few minutes to read over the following guidelines where we explore what is the best age to start which instruments, and what learning those instruments can teach your budding musician. 

Keep in mind that at any age, learning an instrument should always be an amusing, enjoyable, and engaging experience. This is something that is so much easier to achieve working with engaged and passionate private music teachers like you’ll find at Matt Burk Music Studio, private music lessons for all ages in Plano, Allen and Frisco, Texas. 

Early Elementary: 

As your child begins to mature and progress, consider making the transition to more advanced instruments and lessons. Their physical growth and ability to listen and follow directions are essential skills required to progress their knowledge and skills. The most appropriate instruments for this age group normally include Piano and Violin. These instruments require slightly more advanced motor skills, coordination, and technique, which comes with age and private instruction. 


Later Elementary and Beyond: 

As your child continues to grow, it's important to understand and consider their interests and abilities when choosing an appropriate instrument. It's crucial they feel personally motivated and connected to their instrument. Help them develop a genuine connection and desire to enhance their skills and progress. Take the time to determine their personal musical preferences and overall aptitude. Popular instruments children enjoy playing at this age include the Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Trumpet. This group of versatile instruments demands increased motor skills, strength, and physical ability.

While this is not a full list of instruments, hopefully, it gives you a better idea and understanding of how to make the most informed decision for your child. If at any point, you feel your child is disinterested or longing to explore other musical instruction, take the time to explore private vocal lessons. Through careful instruction and tried techniques, our vocal coaches will have your child singing to the fullest of their ability. Always remember to encourage and invite your child to have fun and enjoy the experience, especially at times when they may feel discouraged or demotivated. For more information about music lessons or instrument selection, contact Matt Burk Music Studio today.