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Math and music may seem like classes on opposite ends of a spectrum, especially from a child's point of view. As it turns out, though, math class and a music lesson aren't all that different. Practicing a beat and rhythm when playing an instrument can help determine patterns in mathematical problems, according to a study co-created by San Francisco State University. This news can be beneficial to many students who want to both pursue music while also keeping up with schoolwork.

A unique experimental music curriculum was given to children and then tested with a math exam. Connections were made to distinguish similarities between fractions and music notes using both music and math information. The method of teaching involved designated parts to a whole, which is a similar concept with both musical notes and mathematical fractions. Students who were given the music-infused lesson scored on average 50 percent higher when solving fractions than their peers who were only taught regular math instruction.

Giving children a lesson in basic math while using music as an example created multiple ways of learning. Regular math classes can make simple concepts difficult, but adding a component to help kids relate has increased test scores dramatically. These results mean that even if your child struggles in math class, scheduling a music lesson in Frisco, TX will help your child gain both music and math skills. With teachers that explain hard concepts in notes instead of numbers, connections may come more quickly than from a standard classroom.

This study has gained popularity in recent years and is already due to be published in the journal Educational Studies in Mathematics. It has additionally been incorporated into individual schools for a decade, reaping positive results. The curriculum is based on a Hungarian approach to music and involves personal associations with musical notes to connect to fractions. When referencing music notes as quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, and beyond, this can be used as math functions to solve problems.

Even those students who had little to no experience with solving fractions and math problems scored as highly as many of their peers with a background with fractions. Not only will this help students understand real life situations that use math, but they will become excited about solving problems. Rote memorization will be replaced with genuine excitement as they have examples of why fractions are important in life. A music school in Frisco may be more than a luxury - it may just be a necessity.

If your child is struggling with fractions, incorporating music into their routine may help. To help your child excel in both music and math, sign up for the best music lessons in Frisco, TX by calling Matt Burk Music Studio at (469) 353-6100.

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