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Everyone has dreams of becoming a rockstar, but learning to play the guitar can seem like a daunting challenge. By taking a customized beginner guitar lesson in Allen, TX, with Matt Burk Music Studio, learning the instrument can become a reality. Although they can help you with any questions you have, it is helpful to know a few things before your first guitar lesson.

Parts of a guitar:
The three main parts of a guitar are the head, the neck and the body. The head of the guitar has the tuning keys that create the string's sounds. The neck of the guitar contains frets and position markers to help you create certain sounds by making chords. The body holds the sound hole, the pickguard and the bridge that holds the strings in place. A beginner guitar lesson will teach more elaborate technicalities, but knowing the basics of a guitar will help you to progress more quickly.

Types of guitars:
The two main types of acoustic guitars are the steel-string guitar and classical guitar. The steel-strings have thinner necks than classicals and are usually strung with steel strings while the classical guitar has nylon strings. Classical guitars are sometimes called Spanish guitars because they originated in the area of Spain. Electric guitars, twelve-string guitars and bass guitars are also popular instruments, but most guitar lessons for beginners start on an acoustic guitar.

Guitar strings:
The names of guitar string notes are important when learning to tune your guitar. When each string is tuned correctly, the strings should be tuned to E, A, D, G, B and E. This can be remembered easily with the mnemonic saying "every artist does get better eventually." Once you become proficient, the strings may be tuned to different notes for certain songs, but knowing the standard notes are important.

Reading music:
Reading tabs and chords will come in handy when you start playing songs. Though your instructor may teach you this, knowing how to read tabs and chords will speed up your progression and fluency with the guitar. Taking beginner guitar lesson is the best thing you can to do learn the guitar, but learning to read music beforehand will score you points with your instructor and get you closer to nailing that guitar solo.

Taking a beginner guitar lesson in Allen, TX  is the best way to learn how to play the guitar. By taking a few initiatives before showing up for your first lesson, you can impress your instructor and yourself on day one. To schedule your own lesson, call Matt Burk Music Studio at (469) 353-6100.

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