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As a parent, you most likely know the importance of your child’s physical and emotional health, but you may not understand the benefits of music and taking piano lessons. Since music is proven to stimulate a person’s mind while reducing stress and anxiety, allowing your child to learn to play instruments can help them throughout life. Of course, you, your home, and your child must be prepared for taking music lessons. Using this guide on preparing your home and your child, they will be able to learn the piano in a fun, effective manner.

Practice Makes Perfect?

You and your child have most likely heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” This saying may not be completely accurate, but it is important to consider when learning to play an instrument. While your child will want to quickly learn to play perfectly, they will need to put in a great deal of practice time at home.

Unfortunately, practicing every day will not make your child play the piano perfectly, so you and your family will need to be patient during the learning process. For the best results, make sure your child practices at home for at least 30 minutes each and every day.

Home Is Where the Piano Is

Visiting a music studio for piano lessons can also be helpful since the instructors are experienced and formally trained. The studio offers all the instruments, tools, and supplies your child will need to learn the piano in a fun, effective manner, but practicing at home will require you to equip your own personal space.

Choose a room of your house that is quiet and free of distractions. This room should not have a television, radio, toys, or telephone since these elements may cause your child to lose interest in their piano-playing. Hopefully, you already own a piano or keyboard so your child can practice at home. Move the instrument into this quiet room of the house.

Make sure your child has an adjustable stool, so they can adjust the height accordingly as they grow. You should also set up a timer in the space. Set the timer for at least 30 minutes, ensuring your child practices for the recommended amount of time.

Hang a chalkboard or whiteboard up in the room to document your child’s daily progress. Use stickers or checkmarks to document each day your child practices the full amount of time. For days that your child practices for a longer period, reward them with a small treat.

To learn more about piano lessons for your child, contact Matt Burk Music Studio in the Frisco, TX area at (469) 353-6100. 

Piano Lessons Frisco TX
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