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If you love the piano - either playing one or listening to one - than you probably want to pass that love on to your children.  There’s no better time than when a child is very, very young to introduce him or her to the piano, especially if you one day hope to enroll them in piano lessons in Frisco TX.  The common wisdom is that, for their own good, children have to be forced to do things they don’t want to do.  This is true of many things but pursuing the playing of a musical instrument doesn’t have to be one of them.  

In fact, children are like emotional and intellectual sponges in that they absorb all of your likes and dislikes and will usually end up adopting many of them as their own likes and dislikes.  This means that just by enjoying the piano and music yourself, you will influence your child’s love of the instrument - and there will be no ultimatums or threats necessary when it comes time to enroll them in piano lessons in Frisco TX.  What else can you do, as a parent, to make sure your children’s love affair with the piano is a life-long one?

 Don’t start their piano lessons in Frisco TX when they’re too young.  You can develop their love of music and the piano by playing music around your home when your children are young but don’t rush into piano lessons; wait until they express an interest in them.

▸  Don’t threaten them with a loss of privileges or other punishment if they don’t feel like practicing.  This will likely make them feel negatively about playing the piano and when they do practice, it will feel like a chore or something they have to just ‘get through.’

▸  Don’t force them to perform in recitals if they don’t want to.  A love of music and a love of playing the piano don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with wanting to be the center of attention or wanting to perform in public.  If your child is old enough that they’ve decided to make music a career, they’ll want to perform.  If they want to play the piano for themselves, then it’s not a necessity.  

▸  Choose their instructor wisely.  Ask around and get recommendations from friends whose children take music lessons.  Once your child is taking lessons, ask them if they like their instructor.  If they don’t, for whatever reason, they won’t enjoy their lessons and they won’t enjoy playing the piano.

To ensure that your child has a great instructor, enroll them in piano lessons in Frisco TX at Matt Burk Music Studio.  At Matt Burk Music Studio, our instructors are second-to-none and will help to instill a love of music in your child.  Visit us online at www.wannalearnmusic.com to find out more about us and then call us at (469) 353-6100.

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