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Determining your vocal range and voice type is an important part of voice lessons in Frisco, TX. If you want to perform with other singers or musicians, you’ll need to know the key of the music to be performed. Your teacher will help you by playing scales on a piano or keyboard starting with middle C. You’ll sing along with each note, and your teacher will log the notes you can sing comfortably. Once you’ve determined the lowest and highest note you can sing, you can now figure your vocal range.

Look at the number of octaves from your lowest note to your highest note. Don’t include the sharps and flats (black keys) on the keyboard when counting. The number of octaves and any extra notes makes up your vocal range. Your vocal range can improve with voice lessons in Frisco TX, but you don’t really add extra notes to your repertoire. Extending your vocal range usually refers to strengthening a vocalist’s top and bottom notes so they’re as strong as the singer’s other notes.

A singer’s range indicates the number of notes they can sing comfortably. It doesn’t tell you anything about the power or emotion in the singer’s voice. Many popular singers have a vocal range of one or two octaves. Taylor Swift has a two-octave range, and Johnny Mathis, a popular singer during the 1950s and 1960s, has a one-octave range.

The notes you feel most comfortable singing determine your best vocal key. Be aware that the sheet music for most popular songs is written in the same key used by the recording artist, and this may not be the best key for you. Instead of straining to match the vocals on a hit recording, you can ask your singing teacher to transpose the music to a more comfortable key for you. If the song is too high for you, your teacher will move it down a half-tone or more. If it’s too low, he or she will move it up the scale to a key that’s better suited to your voice.

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