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Many Texas adults have childhood memories of piano lessons in Frisco TX. For some, the memories are fond and, for others, they are painful. If you had a natural knack for playing the piano, you may have been more likely to want to put in the hours for lessons and practice, but having an innate talent does not always ensure an interest. If you would have preferred mixing it up on the soccer field with your friends to spending hours of solitude at a keyboard, no amount of inherent ability would convince you it was worthwhile.

The memory of enforced piano lessons is especially awful for those who lacked musical talent entirely. On top of having no sense of rhythm and just not "getting it," the piano is a difficult instrument to learn. It lands smack in the middle of List AKA's Top 10 Most Difficult Musical Instruments, which details the tough parts to include moving both hands independently while reading music by sight. On top of that, piano music is written on two lines, one for each hand, and playing a piece of music effectively requires that you put some emotion into it. Therefore, not only do you have to read multiple lines of music at once and have spot-on hand-eye coordination, but you also have to be able to play the notes with intonation.

Even so, a surprising trend is growing, not just in Texas or the U.S., but the world over. BBC Culture says that adults are returning to piano lessons to sharpen their focus, relieve stress, and, for some, even for the simple joy of it. There is a challenge involved, too. Not just in learning progressively more difficult pieces, but also in mastering the instrument that got the best of the younger you. If you have been toying with the idea of returning as an adult to piano lessons in Frisco TX, NPR has some good news for you. In an interview with Scot Hawkins, the piano teacher revealed that patience and a good attitude are more important than ability when it comes to learning to play the piano.

As an adult, you also have the benefit of understanding music theory better than a child can so, if you have the patience and the right attitude, stop trying to talk yourself out of it. Whether you have dreams of becoming a concert pianist, or you just want to learn to play a special song for a special someone, the talented instructors at the Matt Burk Music Studio can teach you. They enjoy teaching music and focus on getting you to your goals in fun, creative ways. When you learn at the Matt Burk Music Studio, you will be surprised out how pleasant piano lessons in Frisco TX can be.

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