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Many adults often wish they had learned a musical instrument as a child and think it’s way too late to develop a musical talent later in life. It is a common misconception that children learn better and faster than adults, but when it comes to music, adults have some serious advantages over their younger peers. If you’re thinking about taking beginner piano lessons in Frisco, Texas or wanting to brush up on piano skills you left behind in your youth, here are three great reasons why you will actually be more successful if you get started today.

You have a better attention span

You’re a grown-up. You’ve done taxes. You’ve stood in line for hours at the DMV. You’ve listened patiently to your co-worker wax poetic about her gluten-free diet no less than fifty times. Maybe you’ve even raised a few children of your own. Point is, you understand dedication and hard work. That understanding of what it means to earn something and be good at something means you are able to focus on the lesson at hand far better than a youngster who doesn’t understand why piano lessons are more important that video games. Therefore, you’ll learn faster and maybe even have better technique because you can devote your entire attention to your instructor.

You have better coordination in your fingers and hands

Adult-size hands are able to be more flexible on the piano keys, which essentially makes a wider, more complex repertoire of music available to you. While your hands and fingers will gain in flexibility from practicing on the piano and your hand span will increase with time, children are limited by the underdeveloped muscles in their hands and fingers, not to mention the limitations imposed by their naturally smaller arm reach. As an adult, you are also more coordinated and will be better able to grasp and execute more complex fingering.

You will actually have an easier time learning piano now

Music theory is key to understanding how music is composed and why it was composed in such a way. This understanding directly influences the ability of the player to affect the composition through his or her playing, which is a very abstract concept for younger minds to grasp. The ability to understand harmony and theory will make it easier for you to understand your piano lessons in Frisco, Texas and the piece you are playing. As a result, you will perform the composition better, sooner.

It's never too late to learn how to play piano or any musical instrument. If you’re an adult and considering piano lessons in Frisco, Texas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Matt Burk Music Studio in Allen or in Frisco by calling 469.353.6100.

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