Anyone can learn to sing in Frisco TX. Whether you want to sing for fun, wow the audience at karaoke, or start your own band, a voice teacher can help you develop your singing style and improve your pitch.  Cultivating a good singing voice involves a few universal techniques. Once you conquer the following methods, your voice will become stronger and your pitch will improve:

1-    A relaxed tongue is important when you to learn to sing in Frisco TX. The tongue should rest on your bottom front teeth when singing. If your tongue moves around your mouth while you sing, it will block the sound and may interfere with proper pitch. If you feel your tongue is tense or moving around when you sing, look in the mirror during lessons or practice. Place your tongue near the front of your teeth and keep it there. This may be difficult for some students, but relaxing the tongue is necessary for better vocal performance. Keep practicing until you train your tongue to remain in a relaxed, prone position.

2-     The power to keep your voice strong and on pitch starts with proper breathing. Singing requires more breath control than speaking, regardless of the musical style. Many voice teachers recommend contracting the abdominal muscles to force air pressure up from the belly to supply power to the diaphragm and lungs. This method must be taught and utilized properly to prevent an “airy” singing tone. Appoggio, a technique favored by classical music teachers, requires singing on the exhaled breath, after inhaling and “filling the belly up like a balloon” to store up enough breath for the vocal phrase. This technique is repeated throughout the song. When you learn to sing in Frisco TX, your teacher will explain various singing techniques and help you choose the right one for your style and musical tastes.

3-     Keep your mouth open when you sing! You should be able to put two fingers between your teeth when you open your mouth to sing. It’s not necessary to have your mouth open wider than that to produce a strong, on-pitch sound. Along with proper breathing, a relaxed tongue and good posture, keeping the mouth open wide enough will help you sing in your best voice.

4-     Correct posture is important when singing. Your hands should be at your sides; your chin parallel to the floor. The knees should be loose, not locked, and feet should be an inch or two apart, with one foot in from of the other. Your body should be leaning slightly forward.

Matt Burk Music Studio provides a professional atmosphere for students of all ages to learn to sing in Frisco TX. Our singing lessons are customized to each student’s musical interests. You don’t need to sign a contract to study singing at Matt Burk; only a month-to-month commitment is required. We do more than simply teach students how to sing. We offer jam sessions where singers can join instrumentalists, and we encourage students to write their own songs. Many of our instructors perform professionally, and we offer recital opportunities for all our music students. Call us at 469-353-6100 to arrange a complimentary interview at the studio.

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