Many people know that they want to start learning an instrument but often they are unsure of which would be the right choice for them. Some find that a certain band or artist is inspiring or they know that they like a type of music but can't settle on whether they want to be the dynamic singer, the fiery lead guitarist, or the crazy, energetic drummer! Students younger than age 7 do very well with instruments like the drums as they are easy to pick up and deal primarily in rhythm reading only. However, voice, piano, and guitar may also be suitable for the enthusiastic youngster! Adults looking for a good hobby find much pleasure playing through their favorite songs on the guitar or singing in a choir. I had a 74-year-old drum student who "just wanted to bang on the drums". It can be difficult to know for certain which instrument is the right one for you. Let us here at Matt Burk Music Studio help you find your musical passion! We specialize in custom private music lessons and have the experience and knowledge to guide you. We offer piano, guitar, drum, bass, voice, songwriting, and audio production lessons that are cultivated to your specific needs.