We thought it would be appropriate for our first blog post to be on Thanksgiving Day. We truly have so much to be thankful for!

We're thankful that this music studio has led us to meeting so many amazing people, in the pursuit of sharing the joy of music with others. We're thankful to have the opportunity to work with so many great piano, guitar, bass, voice and drum students every week, and to have a great group of instructors who really care about our students! We're thankful that we've continued to grow - even in a difficult economy. We could go on, and on...

We're also really thankful for the opportunity to give back. In the spirit of thanks and giving, we are teaming up with students of Matt Burk Music Studio and their families, to help provide coats, blankets and sleeping bags for the homeless this holiday season, through an organization called Operation Care Dallas.

Each year, Operation Care Dallas organizes the nation's largest Christmas party (called "Christmas Gift") for the homeless. Christmas Gift 2010 will be held at the Dallas Convention Center on December 18th, and will again honor all homeless guests, with special recognition given to our homeless veterans.

At Christmas Gift 2010, Operation Care will have approximately 3,000 volunteers and more than 10,000 homeless guests. For these guests, Operation Care provides food, clothing, shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, and personal items. They also provide haircuts and make-overs for guests, as well as some medical and additional services. Operation Care makes this Christmas party something really unique for their guests - it is intended to help provide for some of their needs and to make them feel special and honored!

At Matt Burk Music Studio, we will collect coats, blankets and sleeping bags for Christmas Gift 2010 beginning Monday, November 29th. We'll only have 2 weeks to collect coats, blankets and sleeping bags for this event, so we'll need to hurry! In order to get all of our items to the warehouse in Dallas and ready for the big party on December 18th, our collections will end on Friday, December 10th.

If you can help, we'd love to have you drop a coat, blanket or sleeping bag by any time during our regular studio hours (2:30 pm to 8 pm Monday thru Friday) no later than Friday, December 10th. Operation Care asks that these items be new, as this may be the only chance some of their guests have to receive something brand new!.

Thank, thank, THANK YOU!