Plano Student Survey

We created this quick, one-page survey to ensure that we are serving our students well! Please answer as many of the questions as you feel comfortable answering. We greatly appreciate your time and your feedback!

All responses are anonymous. Of course, you are welcome to share your name with us (there is a place at the bottom of the survey), and will be happy to follow up with you regarding any concerns you have!

Overall, how pleased are you with your experience with Matt Burk Music Studio?
Are lessons going in the general direction that you would like?
How well are we engaging and inspiring you?
Do you feel like your instructor listens well and is fully-engaged in the process?
How well are we communicating with you regarding progress and what should be practiced each week?
To which instructor(s) are your responses above related? *
How well do we care for your administrative needs?
Whether in person, via phone or via email, when you have questions related to scheduling, billing, performances, etc., do you receive timely, friendly and professional responses from us?