Marcus Wheat: Piano & Trumpet Teacher - Frisco, Texas

It’s important to me to create a personal connection with each of my students. This allows me to tap into what inspires each of them. I like to put students at ease right away and listen to their desires for music. Every student comes with unique expectations, needs and learning styles. So creating rapport and creating a plan that inspires and excites them is essential.

I began to play piano as a young child and taught myself as I watched other musicians. I learned to play by ear so I could play gospel music. Music became my passion so I went on to read music and to play a variety of styles: classical, jazz, pop, blues and rock, amongst others through high school. A desire grew to make a career in music. I was offered a place at the University of North Texas in Denton and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music in performance. I draw on my own memories of learning to make piano lessons fun and relevant for my students. I enjoy teaching all genres to students of every age and skill level - from the novice to the more advanced. It’s a privilege to help students learn, create and perform and to go from strength to strength.

My passion for playing the trumpet began when I was 5 years old. While is high school, I had privilege of participating in the DCI international trumpet competition in which I placed 3rd. I was also a member of the Texas 5a all-state band.

My passion for trumpet led me to the University of North Texas where I was the split lead in the 2 o ' clock lab band. While at UNT I also had the honor of being apart of the Latin Jazz Band as well as the Concert and Symphonic Band. 

Currently I play Trumpet for the BoomBachs. The BoomBachs is an active band in the local music seen. 

The one thing I’ve learned throughout my career is not to compare myself with others. I teach this to all my students. Nothing helps students to learn this better than by learning to work in a team. My mentor, Mr Gonzales used to say, “Teams win championships.” I learned to play music in a team and make my team better. When everyone contributes to the whole and does their best for the team, people forget about comparisons. Then everyone succeeds!