Music lessons for piano, voice, drums, guitar & bass

Following the overwhelming success of our instructors and students at our Allen Studio we launched our Frisco Studio in June 2013. With our student centered philosophy of teaching and the skills of our outstanding instructors, we’ve helped hundreds of students become skilled and talented musicians and confident performers.

We would love to show you around our unique space located on Legacy at the entrance to Stonebriar Country Club, just half a mile north of Highway 121.

Get to know our instructors by checking out their bio’s below then schedule an appointment with us. We’ll look forward to visiting with you.

Matt Burk Music Studio

Music School in Frisco, TX
1701 Legacy Drive, #150
Frisco, TX 75034

At Matt Burk Music Studio in Frisco we intentionally create fun learning environments. 
Our instructors are trained to listen to your desires and goals in music and to identify your unique learning style. We believe everyone can excel in music and share their gift with the world!



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+ Marcus Wheat, Piano & Trumpet

It’s important to me to create a personal connection with each of my students. This allows me to tap into what inspires each of them. I like to put students at ease right away and listen to their desires for music. Every student comes with unique expectations, needs and learning styles. So creating rapport and creating a plan that inspires and excites them is essential.

I began to play piano as a young child and taught myself as I watched other musicians. I learned to play by ear so I could play gospel music. Music became my passion so I went on to read music and to play a variety of styles: classical, jazz, pop, blues and rock, amongst others through high school. A desire grew to make a career in music. I was offered a place at the University of North Texas in Denton and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music in performance. I draw on my own memories of learning to make piano lessons fun and relevant for my students. I enjoy teaching all genres to students of every age and skill level - from the novice to the more advanced. It’s a privilege to help students learn, create and perform and to go from strength to strength.

My passion for playing the trumpet began when I was 5 years old. While is high school, I had privilege of participating in the DCI international trumpet competition in which I placed 3rd. I was also a member of the Texas 5a all-state band.

My journey in pursuing trumpet led me to the University of North Texas where I was the split lead in the 2 o ' clock lab band. While at UNT I also had the honor of being apart of the Latin Jazz Band as well as the Concert and Symphonic Band.

Currently I play Trumpet for the BoomBachs. The BoomBachs is an active band in the local music seen.

The one thing I’ve learned throughout my career is not to compare myself with others. I teach this to all my students. Nothing helps students to learn this better than by learning to work in a team. My mentor, Mr Gonzales used to say, “Teams win championships.” I learnt to play music in a team and make my team better. When everyone contributes to the whole and does their best for the team, people forget about comparisons. Then everyone succeeds!

+ James Roy, Drums

I like to listen to my students, discover what they want to learn and get them drumming immediately for them to achieve traction in their lessons. My aim is to maintain high levels of interest and engagement while teaching fundamentals through more advanced levels of drumming. I’ve had fun teaching students of every age, some as young as 3 years old. I have a passion for my craft and love to pass this passion onto my students.

I’ve had ten years of drum instruction with three excellent instructors so I know the tremendous influence an instructor can have upon a student. Positive reinforcement, encouragement, setting good goals and coaching for live performance are all values in my teaching style.

As an active gigging musician, I’m always working to keep up my chops. I’m a constant learner with a desire to grow as a musician and instructor. I firmly believe that when I work with a student it is an opportunity for both of us to have fun, to be creative and to learn and grow together.

+ Jordan Wilson, Guitar & Bass

When I was a kid I was happiest plucking away on my guitar with my headphones plugged into an amplifier. Growing up a self taught musician I was intimidated by reading music. I overcame this by taking private lessons and enrolling in music courses in community college. When I teach, I minimize any possible intimidation for students when they learn new concepts. I also encourage students to not negatively compare themselves to others. I get them to compare themselves to how they were yesterday and to keep striving for improvement.

My passion for music led to a desire to perform and for ongoing study, especially music theory and Jazz. I’ve played in funk, rock and hip hop bands and toured up and down the pacific coast, gigging in San Diego, Los Angeles and Seattle. More recently I developed my chops as a band leader. This created the stretch I needed for developing dynamic performances with other musicians. I coach all of my students, to move beyond their comfort zones and into the stretch of performance. Playing with other musicians and inspiring each other to improve is thrilling.

I enjoy teaching students at all levels, creating and developing curriculum tailored to individual student needs. I’m patient and inspire my students to be the best they can be whether it’s in songwriting, classical guitar ensemble, band performance, even sound engineering. My students make me laugh on a daily basis. Kids say the funniest things!

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+ Emma Yandell, Piano

I’ve studied piano and voice for 15 years. I began piano with my grandma when I was 7 years old. At the age of 8 I auditioned for the Texas Girl Choir. I got to travel with them, sing my first solo and by the age of 10, I had learned to conduct an orchestra! It was an amazing experience that fueled my joy for music. I began teaching piano at the age of 15. It gave me the opportunity to share my passion and to inspire others.

I like to structure my lessons around each individual student. We start by discussing their desires for learning piano and what each person wants to accomplish. My students want to learn everything from classical music to popular music, and others want to compose.

I’ve taught children of all ages with a wide variety of skills sets and aspirations. It’s a privilege to teach music and influence others. I’ve had incredible piano and music teachers and mentors who have helped me to share my thinking and feeling with the world through sound. These are people I’ve looked up to as role models. My goal is to inspire each of my piano students at Matt Burk Music Studio, in the way I’ve been inspired by those who have coached me through struggles and helped me succeed.

My two earliest struggles in music were not being disciplined enough with practice and staying in the game when challenges were tough. So, I understand when my students hit a wall. One of my teachers, showed me fun games and techniques so playing piano became more of a hobby than a practice. It’s one of the strategies I offer to my students. Learning music should be both fun and a discipline. There’s nothing greater than coaching a student through a struggle and then celebrating their accomplishments with them.

I remember in my senior year of high school I sang Phantom of the Opera. A sweet little boy in the front row chattered loudly throughout the performance. When I hit the high trill at the end of “Think of Me”, he stopped what he was doing and his jaw dropped. I will never forget the look on his face. It made all the hard work worth it!

I tell all of my students that there is nothing greater than the joy they’ll receive from performing and sharing what they have accomplished with others.

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+ Anastasia Hagermann, Voice

My journey into music began at the earliest of ages. My parents were both musicians and in a band together. My grandparents were musicians as well and my uncle was a professional fiddle player.

Growing up I fondly remember listening to the radio in our car and developing the same love for classic rock that my mom had. I also remember seeing pictures of my parents and their big crazy rocker hair. Music was just a part of our lives in every way, and I loved it!

My love for music grew over the years and eventually led me to pursuing it as a career and obtaining an Associates in Music from Bucks County Community College and a Bachelors in Music from Duquesne University.

One of the most influential instuctors and mentors for me was Rochelle Reed. I studied classical music with her while working on my associates degree, and she taught me how to sing with great technique and style. Classical singing was something that I wasn't really accustomed to at the time, and Rochelle really stretched me musically and helped to broaden my appreciation for this genre and expand my abilities overall.

While pursuing my bachelor's degree, I worked closely with Maureen Budway who was a huge help to me in the area of Jazz singing and techniques as I continued to stretch myself as a singer.

One of the challenges I faced on my journey as a singer and performer was owning the stage. I was able to overcome this hurdle by singing in front of a mirror and doing all the silly little exercises my teachers had me do. It's all about accepting yourself, feeling comfortable, and being confident with who you are on stage.

One of the greatest highlights of my musical career has been singing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. It's been such an honor to be part of such a high caliber group of musicians. I've also had the privelege of being apart of the Bach Choir of Pittburgh and the Bachelor Boys Wedding Band (who were awarded the "Best of Weddings" pick by The Knot) among other ensembles.

From an early age I understood the amazing ability that music has to connect us. Music is all about connection and having your voice heared.

As an instructor, I understand the need to have a strong positve connection with my students. I believe that keeping lessons fun, upbeat, and active with the right amount of drive and focus is key in helping my students reach their goals.

I enjoy performing and teaching many styles of music including pop, rock, classical, jazz, musical theater, samba & bossa nova among others.

One of my primary goals for my students is to find joy in music.

I've found that it's amazing where music can take you if you open your soul to it!