We're Different


The Problem

All music teachers are not created equally. We happen to think we offer music instruction and coaching at its best. You see, success in music instruction is often measured by whether the instructor's goals for the student are reached. The desires of the student, their innate creativity, and their own goals are frequently overlooked, and students may walk away from music lessons feeling discouraged and uninspired.  At Matt Burk Music Studio, however, we're different. We help every student experience the joy and passion that comes with expressing themselves through music, learning their craft proficiently and becoming a success in their own right. If you continue reading, you will learn a little more about how we're different.


Angelica shows off her chops at House of Blues Dallas.

Angelica shows off her chops at House of Blues Dallas.

Designed to be Different

When we set out to start a studio, we didn’t want to be just another place to take music lessons, we wanted to create a place that is truly unique - a place where students of all ages and skill levels, with any variety of musical interests can come to learn, create, and perform, and have fun while doing it! We didn’t want to create just another place where students are taught the technical aspects of reading music, learning theory, and practicing proper technique. These, of course, are critical aspects of learning music, which we certainly teach; however, we know the study and expression of music goes much further!

Personally, when the we studied music as children, we each learned with different instructors who had varying styles of teaching, so we were intimately familiar with the effectiveness of certain approaches. As we developed our studios, we identified the most effective approaches that instructors used to inspire us and also considered what methods weren't as effective. Our understanding of these elements enabled us to implement practices that support what we found the most effective in our personal experiences. Of course, we continue to study what works for students at our studios.  We have studied teaching methods and philosophies of other successful music instructors, and we continue to improve the experience that students of Matt Burk Music Studio receive. We are thrilled that we have created substantive environments in Allen and in Frisco where students can learn not only the technical aspects of how to play an instrument, but also to express themselves through music, to reach their unique personal musical goals, and to foster a lifelong love and appreciation for music.


Our Approach to Each Student

When students come to us, our instructor's primary goal is to find out what each student's interests are and what brings them to us. We understand that people study music for many different reasons and have different musical goals. Whether the student has never touched a musical instrument and is starting from square one, or has taken lessons for years and wants to continue their studies, we tailor lessons to help each student achieve his or her unique goals. We teach all styles - from rock to jazz, classical to funk, and almost everything in between. We want to know what inspires our students, what style of music they prefer and what bands, artists or composers they like. We do not have a “box” or program into which our students must fit! We find and connect with the interests of each individual student, and then "fan those flames." Once our instructors know what excites and inspires the student, then we know how to tailor the lessons specifically for them. This is where our instructors’ creativity and flexibility shines and really benefits our students!


Creativity in the Process

We believe that one of the most important factors in music is creativity! Often times we feel that the student’s innate creativity is overlooked in the teaching process. Certainly, every student is at a different level in the creative process, and has a different level of comfort regarding their own creativity. We have found that when students enter into the creative process, they become more connected with what they are studying, and thus have a more intrinsic motivation to practice. This, of course, leads to more improvement and traction in the learning process! Being creative can mean so many different things - from embellishing a song, to arranging a song, to writing a song from scratch, and many things in-between. When a student puts their own “twist” on a song, it becomes their own, and they feel more connected with the learning process!


Josh enjoys applause after he wows the crowd at House of Blues Dallas, playing Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" with his dad.

Josh enjoys applause after he wows the crowd at House of Blues Dallas, playing Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" with his dad.

Unique Performance Opportunities

We understand that some students study only for personal enjoyment and others have a strong desire to perform in public and/or with other musicians.

Our varied, unique and fun performance opportunities are another huge benefit to our students! They sometimes offer just the motivation that students need to put in extra practice time or to learn a song that may be a little different than what they would normally choose. We have opportunities for students to perform as a part of a group of students in a band setting, as well as for students to perform songs of their choosing individually. All of our students, not just the most advanced, are welcome to perform with us. And all students have a chance to grow and to shine in their own right, all the while having an excellent and encouraging instructor who tailors lessons to each student's musical goals.


Want to know more?

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