Our Studios

A Music Studio Designed for You

Our studios are designed to be environments that are welcoming and encouraging to students of all ages to learn, create, and perform. When designing our spaces, it is important to us to create an atmosphere that is comfortable, productive, and inspiring! We recognize that students are not the only ones at our studio regularly. Parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. are often waiting for students during their lessons. We have taken this into account, and have designed our studios with these people in mind, as well.

We have friendly receptionists who are happy to help answer any questions and to serve students and guests from 2:30 to 8pm on weekdays (except Fridays until 7:30 pm).

We create comfortable spaces with inviting colors, and we are intentional about providing teaching rooms that are larger than what is typical for private music lessons. This helps teachers and students be more comfortable, and it allows room for parents to comfortably join the lessons if they would like. Parents may help themselves to a cup of coffee, and feel free to sit in on their student’s music lessons or to observe from outside of the classroom - through a glass door or window. For the convenience of those waiting, each studio is equipped with free Wi-Fi for guests as well.

We find that people appreciate the extra measures we take to ensure they feel welcome and inspired.

For more about our Allen studio, click here. And for more about our Frisco studio, click here. For contact information and a map to each location, check out our contact page!